Beaudette Park in Pontiac, Michigan

Beaudette Park in Pontiac, Michigan

When looking for a fun and affordable place to go on vacation, consider visiting Beaudette Park. This park is located at 786 Orchard Lake Rd. It is listed under a park and tourist attraction and has received an average rating of 4 stars from 252 reviews. Find out more about the park and the many activities you can enjoy while visiting. Listed below are some highlights: See More Info

Art Fish Fun Festival

This year, the 8th Annual Art Fish Fun Festival is back in Pontiac. This family-friendly event features over 30 art, craft, and environmental educational activities. There will also be free lunch and park clean-up activities and also be a trash-picking activity, which you can participate in with gloves and bags provided by the park. There are no admission or parking fees for this event, so bring the whole family!

The Art – Fish – Fun Festival is a free, family-friendly event that offers fun for the whole family. Sponsored by WRC, Pure Oakland Water, and the Clinton River Watershed Council, it includes environmental education, arts & crafts, and games. If you’re looking for something more active, you can try a new watercraft or join in a game. Visit This Link

Cultural feature

A cultural feature is an area where one can observe an aspect of the past. Oftentimes, these landscapes are considered a living archive of history. They are created by human activity, land use, economic conditions, and politics. They are constantly changing, but they still provide information about particular times. Native Americans, for example, have manipulated these landscapes to suit their own purposes. One of the cultural features in this area is the Bald Hills Archeological District, which displays four thousand years of human use. This area contains several sites for prehistoric activities and is an excellent location to view this cultural feature.

Recreational trail

You can walk or bike on the Recreational Trail at Beaudette Park, located at 786 Orchard Lake Road in Pontiac, Michigan. It is well-kept and full of beautiful flora. Whether you are a nature lover or just looking for a relaxing atmosphere, you’ll enjoy this park. Parking is available at the Concord trailhead or at New Leaf Park, located just off of Fourth Street.

The Clinton River Trail connects to other parks and recreation areas in the region. This trail follows a former railroad line and winds its way through residential and suburban areas. It has multiple sections near and along the Clinton River and crosses the river. There are asphalt and cinder paving, and mileage markers to mark your progress. Bicycles and pets are welcome on leash. At times, there is no parking at the trailhead. Check this out

Driving direction from Pink Pro wash to Beaudette park

Driving Direction from Beaudette park to Hess-Hathaway Park