Hess Hathaway Park Williams Lake

Hess Hathaway Park Williams Lake

Have you ever been to Hess Hathaway Park in Williams Lake? This park has many features for the entire family. From a fully enclosed waterpark to a kids’ maze, this park has something for everyone! Here are some reasons to check out this park for your next vacation: Click for more info

Hess Hathaway Park

Hess Hathaway Park in Williams Lake, Ontario, offers a variety of activities for visitors. Popular features include a farm, playground, trails, and sports like baseball and volleyball. Families can spend a day hiking, biking, or playing some games. Children can play tag or other board games. Adults can enjoy a game of volleyball or basketball. Hess Hathaway Park has plenty to offer for families of all ages.

A great playground for children is located in Hess-Hathaway Park. This playground, which is incorporated with a farm theme, is fully enclosed and well-maintained. During the summer, families can take advantage of the many activities offered by Hess-Hathaway Park, including weekly concerts and special events. Hess Hathaway Park also hosts a variety of other events, such as farmers markets, picnics, and holiday celebrations.

A community-wide park in Williams Lake, Hess-Hathaway Park is located on the southern boundary of Waterford Township. It includes baseball/softball diamonds, a historic farmhouse, farm animals, sand volleyball courts, multiple pavilions, and a playground. It also has a community garden. Residents in Waterford can enjoy the park and its amenities while spending a day outside. A great post

Fully enclosed waterpark

A 165-acre community park in Williams Lake, Michigan, features an enclosed waterpark and a splash pad. Hess Hathaway Park Williams Lake was named after its founder, Myrtle Hess. She bequeathed the land to Waterford Township, intending it to be a place for outdoor recreation. Her love of the outdoors is evident in the park’s name. It was once a dairy farm and a sheep farm. Today, this land has been developed as Hess-Hathaway Park, operated by the township’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Kids maze

Hess-Hathaway Park is an excellent location for the entire family to play. There’s a giant playground for all ages, a children’s maze sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women, and a petting zoo. During the summer, the park also hosts a wide variety of events, including concerts. There are also numerous activities, such as the annual Farmers’ Market and a farm tour.

The park is free to enter, though donations are appreciated. A family can participate in the Farm Animal Sponsorship Program with a donation. Sponsorship includes a certificate of appreciation, recognition on the Parks and Recreation website, and a special photo with their adopted animal. You can also join the Waterford Township Parks and Recreation department’s Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated on the latest events at Hess-Hathaway Park.

Hess-Hathaway Park also has several sports fields, a children’s maze, and two pavilions. In addition to these, the park also has fitness trails and a community garden. There’s also a fun community garden. The park’s maze is the perfect place to have a good time with the family and make friends. You’ll also have a great time exploring the park’s historical sites. More

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