Power Washing Roof Shingles

Power Washing Roof Shingles

Power Washing Roof Shingles

Power washing roof shingle can be dangerous and is not recommended. Here are some tips to help you avoid any mishaps. First, make sure the machine is pointed away from the roof so that the water does not shoot up into the interior spaces of your home. This can cause the shingles to peel and tear. When washing the roof, start with a low pressure and gradually increase the pressure. Do not exceed 1500 PSI.

Dangers of Power Washing Roof

Power washing can expose you to asbestos, a carcinogen that causes mesothelioma. Asbestos was commonly used in construction materials in the 20th century. Power washing a roof can disturb the material and allow it to become infected with fungus and mold spores. Asbestos can also cause cancer if inhaled.

Power washing also removes the protective granular covering of a composition roof, which makes the asphalt shingles more vulnerable to damage. It also leaves gouge marks in the lower layers of the shingles, leaving them vulnerable to the elements. Power washing can also damage the gutters, which hold 50 percent of the remaining life of the roof.

Power Washing Roof Shingles
Power Washing Roof Shingles

Pressure washing can also loosen roof shingles, causing them to leak water. The water pressure can also dislodge granules that protect them from UV rays. In addition to damaging the shingles, it can also damage landscaping and plants in the area. If you’re considering pressure washing your roof shingles, make sure you have a professional perform the job.

The power washing process can also damage the adhesives and bonds between shingles, making the roof structure weaker and more vulnerable to damage. This can lead to mold growth and expensive repairs. It is best to leave power washing to professionals. If you’re planning to do the job yourself, make sure you know the risks and follow the instructions carefully.

Power washing is dangerous for your safety and the health of your roof. It can lead to serious injuries and even death. The hose can also rupture the fabric underlayment or rupture the shingles. Moreover, the hose’s high-pressure nozzle can rip shingle adhesives and tear the shingles.

When power washing your roof, you must follow certain precautions to protect yourself from any accidents. First, always remember to use proper ladders. Always use safety guards while cleaning the roof. Second, make sure the equipment is not heavy enough to knock you over. Third, you should aim the water downwards. Otherwise, the water could scrape away granulars on your roof.

Another danger of power washing your roof is the growth of mold. Mold grows on your roof because of extra moisture. This moisture causes the shingles to break down and crumble. Additionally, the cleaning process causes your roof tiles to become more porous. This means more places for mold to grow and multiply. It can also damage the plywood underneath the shingles.

Precautions to Take Before Cleaning Roof Shingles

When you have decided to power wash your roof shingles, there are several precautions you should take to ensure that the job is done safely. One of the first is to wait until the surface of the roof is dry. This is important because wet algae can be very slippery. If you do slip and fall, you should always have an extra set of hands to help you get back to safety.

Another precaution is to use the right cleaning solution. The cleaning solution you choose will depend on whether or not you are dealing with black mold or green moss. Black mold requires a special cleaner, while green moss can be washed away with plain water. However, if you want to clean asphalt shingles, you should choose a spray wand with a 35-degree angle, as this will spread the pressure over a wider area and be gentler on the shingles.

Power Washing Roof Shingles
Power Washing Roof Shingles

Regardless of whether you choose to pressure wash your roof shingles with a ladder or a power washer, it is important to use the right detergent and soap for your shingles. You should also follow all safety guidelines before you start pressure washing your roof shingles. Ensure that you use the correct pressure and detergent for the kind of shingle you have, and wear safety gear to prevent any accidents.

Another precaution is to avoid getting moss or algae on your roof. This can easily damage the asphalt shingles. It can also cause them to curl and blow off. Additionally, moss and algae can lead to leaks under the shingles, which can lead to damage inside the house.

It is a good idea to hire a professional power washing company to do the job. They will be able to recommend the right kind of cleaner for your roof. Soft wash systems use low pressure to remove dirt without damaging granules on the surfaces. A good power washing contractor will be able to recommend a soft wash solution for your roof. This type of system will ensure that your roof is clean and sanitized.

After you’ve selected the cleaning detergent, check the entire roof for any loose shingles or damaged shingles. You may also want to apply detergent on the roof to loosen any algae or mold. You should then let the detergent sit on the roof for a few minutes before continuing.

As always, safety should be your number one priority when working on a roof. Wearing eye protection, thick work gloves, cotton pants, and long-sleeved shirts is recommended. When cleaning tiles, you should also make sure that no one is underneath the work area. Depending on the type of cleaning solution you’re using, you may need to use different types of pressure washing nozzles. Some cleansers are formulated to kill moss while others are meant to dissolve thick dirt.

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