River Bends Park

The Best Things to Do in River Bends Park, Michigan

There are plenty of things to do at the 1.3 mile-long (3,000-step) route in River Bends Park. For instance, you can take advantage of a Canoe landing site. You can also go hiking or cycling on the trails. The park even has a golf course! Here are some of the most popular attractions in River Bends Park. We’ll cover the best ones, too. Continue reading for more information.

1.3 mile (3,000-step) route

A 1.3 mile (3,000 step) trail near Utica, Michigan, USA, is a nice way to get a workout. The walk is easy and flat, with only a small elevation gain. It’s rated easy. The paved path has easy-to-follow signage. Once you’ve reached the starting point, you’ll be on the path to Dodge Park, where you’ll be surprised to see the water levels are low. Continue on toward Riverland Park, where you’ll be greeted with fluffy white seedlings from cottonwood trees.

The 1.3 mile (3,000-step) route includes a bridge crossing the Clinton River. This bridge connects 22 Mile Picnic Park and Woodall Community Park. Along the way, you can walk by the Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center and trap range. You must be accompanied by an adult while walking along the river banks. The park also requires that all anglers have proper fishing licenses.

Canoe landing site

The new Clinton River Paddle Landing Site is part of the Blue Economy initiative for Macomb County and complements the existing canoe/kayak launches in downtown Utica and along the riverfront Heritage Park on Van Dyke. It will open to the public in late September or early October. The lack of planning has hindered recreational activities on the river for decades. It is estimated that there are thirty-one miles of waterfront along Lake St. Clair, but there is little access to it.

The Clinton River features numerous plant and animal life. The area also has historical significance. The area is accessible via a bridge in River Bends Park. Located in Shelby Township, the park connects the two parks along the river. The bridge is only open to foot traffic and vehicles are not allowed on the park’s paths or bridge. The bridge features a mural of the first president of the United States, which was a Native American. Read More About This!

Hiking/biking trails

The Shelby Township local connector will connect Macomb Orchard Trail with River Bends Park and cement the township’s place on the Iron Belle multi-use trail system. Both areas offer scenic “up-north” hikes and bike rides. The Shelby Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved the plan, which will connect Macomb Orchard Trail and River Bends Park. It also will provide access to more miles of trails in the future.

The River Bends Park hiking/biking trail system has nine miles of paved and natural surface trails. There is an asphalt path that winds through the park, crosses the Clinton River, and continues through downtown Utica. Trails are available on the asphalt path, wide two-track trails, and single track paths. Trails wind through wooded terraced ridges and provide challenges for both new and experienced riders.

Golf course

In Shelby Township, Michigan, you can enjoy 27 holes of disc golf and hike trails. In addition to golf, this park also features barbecue grills and playgrounds. Located just 45 minutes from downtown Detroit, River Bends Park is a scenic place to spend the day. Listed below are the different types of courses in the area. Find the perfect one for you! Let us guide you through the process. This Michigan golf course will be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Whether you are an avid golfer or are looking for a relaxing round of golf, this park is the place for you. Besides golfing, the park offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking trails, picnic areas, disc golf, and trap and archery ranges. A mural depicting the park’s history can be found in a prominent location. And if you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, River Bends Park is a great option. Refer to This Web Page!

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