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roof cleaning companies near me

If you have a roof on your house or property that needs to be cleaned, you should call a professional roof cleaning company to come and do the job. There are a number of signs that indicate your roof may need to be cleaned, including blue-green algae, lichens, and moss. Before calling a roof cleaner, be sure to know if the company you choose is licensed and has the permits to do the work.

Blue-green algae

Blue-green algae is an unsightly and sometimes harmful problem for homeowners. It can destroy the appearance of your roof and can cause health problems.

While you may not be able to completely eliminate the growth of algae on your roof, regular maintenance can help keep it at bay. There are several options available, including making your own cleaning solution or hiring a professional. The most common solution is a 50/50 water and chlorine bleach mixture.

Other options include using commercial cleaning products or pressure washing. Pressure washers can damage your roofing materials. Instead, you should use a low-to-medium nozzle. You can also try spraying the stains with water. But this approach is not as effective as the first option.

Using copper strips on the ridge of the roof can also reduce the growth of algae. Copper contains ions that prevent the algae from growing.

Algae grows best in areas that are damp and moist. This makes it common to find on decking boards, rafters, and rooftops. However, different species of algae can appear on different surfaces.

When blue-green algae grows on your roof, it will leave streaks of dark color. These streaks can be visible for months. Fortunately, they don’t appear to be structurally damaging.

However, if left untreated, the fungus could spread to other structures in the area. As a result, the resale value of your home could suffer.

If you notice the growth of algae on your roof, it’s important to act promptly. Otherwise, it can grow and spread to other houses on your property or even to neighboring buildings.

In addition to affecting the appearance of your home, algae can also make it more expensive to cool your house. Roofs that have dark stains are less reflective, and therefore, more heat radiates to the inside of the house.


Lichens are algae and fungi that grow on surfaces such as your roof. They are unsightly and can damage your home. However, you can take steps to prevent this growth.

One method is to clean the roof. This will make the removal process easier. A stiff brush can be used to scrub away lichens. You should wear protective clothing to avoid skin irritation.

Another way to remove lichen is to pressure wash. If you don’t know how to do this, a reputable company like Peak Roofclean can help. The company is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Their cleaner can travel to any location in the UK.

Oxygen bleach is also a good way to remove lichens. It is safer than chlorine bleach and won’t stain your roof. But you must leave it on for at least 20 minutes.

You can also use vinegar to remove lichen. Vinegar can be mixed with water and used as a cleaning agent. Just be sure to wear gloves and cover your arms.

Another trick is to use a phosphate free soap. Phosphore free soap will not discolor your tiled roof.

The best way to prevent lichen from growing on your roof is to choose the right type of roofing material. Choose metal roofs as they are more resistant to algae and lichens than other types.

The best way to remove lichen from your roof is to use pressure washing. But be careful when using power washers. These can damage your roof shingles.

Finally, a spray cleaner containing algecide may kill the lichen. However, you may need to repeat the process several times to get all of the lichen off your roof.


Moss on your roof can be a major problem. Besides making your home look bad, moss can also lead to more serious problems, including leaks. It can damage your shingles and even cause holes in your roof.

There are many ways to remove moss from your roof. One of the best methods is to hire a professional. This will prevent you from damaging your roof and wasting money in the long run.

When looking for a roof cleaning company, it’s important to check online reviews. Check for companies that have a consistent track record for providing good results. Also, be sure to get quotes for different types of cleaning. Having your roof cleaned is a great way to keep your home looking clean and fresh.

A chemical wash can remove moss from your roof. Prices for this type of service range from $0.20 to $0.75 per square foot.

Alternatively, you can opt for a low-pressure washing system. This process is considered to be safer and more effective than pressure washing.

Regardless of the cleaning method you choose, the cost will vary depending on the size of your roof and the amount of work you need to do. If you have a second story house, you will likely have to pay more.

Depending on the location of your roof, it may also require extra safety equipment. In particular, steep roof slopes will make cleaning more difficult.

Taking the time to clean your roof will not only make your home look nicer, but it will also help prevent problems down the road. Water can seep into your underlayment, fascias and siding, causing mold and mildew. The water can also clog up your gutters and lead to expensive water damage.

Permits and licenses required to operate a roof cleaning business

If you’re thinking about starting a roof cleaning business, you’ll need to know which permits and licenses are necessary. The best way to determine whether you need these things is to check with your local government office. Often, they’ll have a list of requirements for new businesses.

If you plan on offering your services in more than one state, you may need to register with your state and collect sales tax. Depending on your business, you’ll also need to acquire insurance and a business license.

Depending on the type of service you offer, you’ll need to purchase equipment and supplies. This can include stepladders, disinfectant cleaners, POS machines, and cleaning chemical supplies. Equipment and supplies vary from product to product, so you’ll want to be sure to research the costs before you buy.

A well-designed website can be a great way to attract new clients, and it’s easy to leverage social media and email marketing to build your business’s online presence. Make sure to create a mobile-friendly site, as well. You can also include a lot of useful content to help your clients get a better understanding of your work.

There are four basic types of entities you can form for your roof cleaning business: a limited liability company, a corporation, a partnership, and a sole proprietorship. Each is valid for different purposes, but generally you’ll need an employer identification number to establish a legal entity.

To get started, you’ll need to research suppliers and develop a thorough market survey. Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to officially open the doors to your business. Check with your local chamber of commerce or the business licensing office for information on licensing and permits.

Signs that your roof needs cleaning

If your roof is showing signs of deterioration, it is time for a roof cleaning. This will help you protect your home from moisture and weather damage. It also allows you to enjoy the look of a newly-cleaned roof for many years to come.

Many people don’t realize that their roof needs a clean until it starts to degrade. In some cases, these deteriorating materials will enter the gutters and drains and cause problems inside your home. Whether it’s sludge, pieces of shingles, or debris, this can indicate that your roof needs repair.

The first thing to look for is moss and algae. These fungi can trap moisture and cause serious damage to your roofing materials. They also make your roof susceptible to leaks and can degrade the quality of your home.

Algae and moss can grow on your roof in certain conditions, such as a humid environment or a shady area. This can weaken the shingles and may require an expensive repair.

Another sign that you need to clean your roof is a black streak. This is caused by cyanobacteria, a type of algae. When this buildup is left unchecked, it can cause serious problems, such as mould and water damage.

If you see any of these signs on your roof, you should call a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. You should also inspect your roof periodically. Depending on the region you live in, different problems may arise.

Roof maintenance is a crucial part of your home’s maintenance. Taking the time to keep your roof in good shape will prevent costly repairs in the future.

A thorough inspection can determine whether your roof is in need of repair or cleaning. An expert can identify the issues and suggest the best course of action.

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