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Keep Your Home Safe With Dryer Vent Cleaning In Bloomfield Township MI

Each year, nearly 3,000 home fires occur from dryers! About a third of these dryer fires per year are linked to clogged dryer vents from a lack of properly cleaning them. Cleaning your home’s dryer vents is essential to maintaining the health and safety of your home. Pink Pro Wash offers affordable dryer vent cleaning in Bloomfield Township MI. Not only do we help homeowners prevent avoidable dryer fires, but we also help ensure your dryer is running optimally. Clogs in dryer vents can cause your dryer to run poorly, taking hours to dry one load. Give our dryer vent experts a call today to set up your free inspection and schedule your dryer vent cleaning service as soon as possible!

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

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Vent Inspection

Our dryer vent service begins with a thorough inspection of your dryer vents. One of Pink Pro Wash’s experienced technicians knows exactly what to look for and how to address common problems. We look at several important components of your dryer vents, including vent lines, lint traps, joint connections, termination points, and washer hoses. We can catch important health, safety, and fire hazards through our inspections.

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Vent Cleaning

We offer superior dryer vent cleaning in Bloomfield Township that will leave your dryer vents clear of all lint and debris. We utilize high-quality tools to get the job done, including a snake brush and a tube-like vacuum that can thoroughly catch every bit of waste in your dryer vents. In addition, we pay special attention to the parts that most commonly collect buildup!

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Benefits Of Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning

Beyond the prevention of hazardous and preventable dryer fires, annual dryer vent cleaning offers many other benefits. Dryer vent cleaning can optimize your dryer’s functionality, making your clothes dry faster. In turn, the drying time directly affects the amount you’ll spend on your monthly energy bills. Faster drying clothes will help to reduce your electricity bill! In addition, annual dryer vent cleaning can extend the lifespan of your dryer. Debris and lint in dryer vents can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your dryer. Schedule your annual dryer vent cleaning with Pink Pro Wash to take advantage of these benefits!

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Frequently Asked Dryer Vent Cleaning Questions

Often, homeowners think their dryer is broken or worn out when it stops drying clothes as well. Before you start to think you need a replacement, many dryer problems can be resolved through dryer vent cleaning. At Pink Pro Wash, we’ve seen every dryer problem possible. By cleaning blockages from lint and debris, we will help you enhance your dryer’s functionality.

The best way to keep your dryer vents cleaned is through regularly scheduled dryer vent cleanings. However, there may be some warning signs to look for that indicate it’s time to call us for dryer vent cleaning in Bloomfield Township MI. These signs may include excessive heat, dryer stops, an abundance of lint buildup, or longer drying times.

Professional dryer vent cleaning should be done once per year for best results. Some households may wish to have it cleaned more frequently if they use their dryer more often than usual. If you have specific questions, our dryer vent experts will be happy to assist!

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