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At Pink Pro Wash, we’re passionate about landscape lighting design. Our qualified design technicians can help transform your dreams and visions into a reality. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need suggestions, we’re here to help. Our service for landscape lighting offers everything you need for the process, including design, installation, and ongoing light maintenance. Adding landscaping lighting can help enhance your home’s character, emphasizing the features you love the most. Request a quote for 5-star landscape lighting services online or over the phone today!

Our Landscape Lighting Services

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Light Design

Pink Pro Wash hires only the best, most talented design team that creates exciting landscape designs you’ll love. We approach every project with a fresh, unique spin based on your individual preferences and goals. As we work to create a design you’ll love, we keep you engaged and informed throughout the whole process. From types of bulbs to fixtures and placement, we take every one of your preferences into account when creating your landscape lighting design.

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Light Installation

Creating a landscape lighting design you love is only the first step in the process. Now, it’s time to take the vision from paper to real life. Our lighting experts are familiar with best practices in outdoor lighting installation, using safe and proper techniques for every job. After all, the last thing any homeowner wants is a beautiful landscape lighting design that doesn’t work. We double-check every one of our steps in the installation process to ensure the job is done correctly the first time.

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Light Maintenance

Even after your landscape lighting design is complete and installed, Pink Pro Wash is still here to help. We’ll maintain your landscape lighting and ensure it works properly for years to come. Keeping your landscaping lights working properly is vital for your enjoyment! Pink Pro Wash is ready to do the job if you need changes, bulb replacements, or adjustments. Give our friendly team a call for your free quote to get started on your landscape lighting project as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Adding Landscaping Lighting

Pink Pro Wash’s landscape lighting offers so many benefits. Whether you want landscape lighting in your front yard or back yard, we can do it! Adding stylish lighting to the front yard enhances your home’s curb appeal at night. Not to mention, it can also improve safety around your home. Often, light can deter burglars from attempting to enter your home. When adding landscape lighting to your backyard, you can transform your space to use at any hour of the day. This is perfect for people who love entertaining friends and family, or just to enjoy yourself as well!

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Frequently Asked Landscape Lighting Questions

Low voltage outdoor landscape lighting enhances your home’s security, as criminals tend to avoid a well-lit home. Dark homes give them more flexibility to get away with a crime. By adding landscape lighting, you’ll help deter break-ins which significantly improves your safety. Even more so, if you can see your pathways at night, you’re less likely to fall when walking around your home.

Many homeowners like to add LED bulbs due to their durability and energy efficiency. LED bulbs use much less energy than traditional light bulbs and have a longer lifespan. Many of our customers also choose LED landscape lights as they provide a brighter, stronger light. This is ideal for those wishing to add a significant amount of light to their landscape lighting in Bloomfield Township MI.

For customers who are concerned about their electric bills, we recommend using LED light fixtures. During the design process, let your experienced designers know that you’re concerned with keeping your electric bill down. We will be happy to keep this in mind when designing your outdoor lighting plan!

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