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Power washing might very well be one of the fastest, easiest, and most reliable ways to clean your house. It can clean your gutter, your curbs, the sidings, the roof, the patio, and so much more. However, not everybody has a power-cleaning machine at home, and renting them can be quite pricey. Not to mention that using one without appropriate training can be more complicated than it looks. You might end up harming the structure of your house, the tiles of your roof, or even slip and fall, hurting yourself in the process. Do not risk it and opt for contacting a professional company like ours instead. Pink Pro Wash no doubt has the best power washing in Bloomfield, MI.

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Power washing is one of the best ways to get your walls as spotless as possible. It might seem simple enough to attempt on your own, but it is more challenging to master than one would think at first sight. Improper power washing can damage your walls and roof, break your shingles, and even end up with you slipping and hurting yourself. Leave it to professionals like us instead! Through a combination of gentle pressure, special washing techniques, and state-of-the-art tools, we will power wash your home and leave it spotless clean!

Power Washing


Your home’s sidings are the first things visitors see. This first impression of your home is extremely important, and having less than clean walls can negatively impact your curb appeal. Regular washing can keep your house looking as good as new. We specialize in home and wall cleaning by using a combination of gentle power washing, eco-friendly yet powerful cleansers, and special techniques. Our team will restore your walls to their original beauty without harming them and without creating any problems for you. Fast, efficient, and reasonably priced is our motto!

House Washing


Roof cleaning might seem simple, but it is perhaps one of the most complex and dangerous areas of your house to clean. You might damage or erode the tiles, hurt the structure of the roof, or even slip and fall. Don’t risk injuring yourself or your roof severely, and leave it to the professionals! All of the professionals on our team are highly trained and experienced in cleaning roofs without harming the tiles. From metal to slate roofing, including all sorts of delicate shingles, we take care of it all. We will remove all the debris and algae embedded in the tiles to bring their original beauty back.

Roof Cleaning


Gutters are often one of the most neglected and overlooked parts of your roof, and it comes at a cost. A neglected gutter can malfunction, break, cause spillage, overflow to your roof, or even pull away from your home and tear the structure! Good gutter maintenance is crucial for the health of your home and must never be neglected. If you want your gutters as clean as can be, call us. We will meticulously clean them without harming them while ensuring there are no clogs, breaks, or cracks. We also provide visual inspection and inform you of any issues your gutter might have, and we offer a whitening service to keep your gutters clean for as long as possible!

Gutter Cleaning

For every single service that we provide we donate a portion of our profits to fivepointsofhope.com

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In this fast-paced world, time is money and no one wants to waste either.  If you don’t want to lose your precious time by having to wait around for your cleaning service to answer, contact us. We always work hard to ensure that we  answer all of your inquiries in under 48 hours!

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Having to match up schedules with your power cleaning service can be complicated and messy. That is why we prefer to adapt to you. Tell us when you are free, and we will put all our means forward to adapt to your schedule and find a spot that works for both you and us!

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Once you’ve booked our services, sit back and let us do all the work. We will handle every aspect of the job and ensure a straightforward, mess-free experience. You will be surprised at how simple and fast it is, and the results will blow you out of the water!

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Power Washing Bloomfield Township

Pink Pro Power Washing arrived on time to power wash a nonskid deck and it came out brighter than new! Cleaned up after they were finished and asked them to come back and wash the whole house! All I can say is what a great difference and a pleasure to work with! Had them do my boat and man did it shine!!

Greg Gilbert

Power Washing Bloomfield Township MI

Excellent service! Getting an estimate and scheduling was quick and easy. The team was very friendly and responsive. Best of all - my formerly dingy siding is sparkling white! I highly recommend Pink Pro Wash Power Washing.

Megan M

Power Washing In Bloomfield Township MI

I have nothing but the highest regard for the owner of this power washing company for so many reasons. I requested a quote in the evening and had it first thing in the morning. He worked with me to schedule a time when I could be home and kept me informed on arrival time. Rare to have ANY of these qualities these days but he checked all the boxes. Great job cleaning my gutters and informed me of any issues. On top of all of this Jeremy donates part of his proceeds to a non profit organization Five Points of Hope. I have already recommended him to a few people Thank you so much and may you be Blessed double fold for all those in need you are helping!.

Jan McHenry

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