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The first thing visitors notice when approaching your house is how it looks. A home’s roof contributes a lot to the curb appeal of your home. Neglecting its upkeep puts you on the fast track towards an unsightly, unkempt house. Keeping your roof clean and proper can do wonders to increasing the appeal of your property. , it’s also an active step towards preventing dirt, debris, and algae from seeping in, damaging the tiles, and hurting the structure. However, not everybody has the time and tools needed to clean their roof properly. What should you do in such a case? Contact us because we provide the best roof cleaning services in the area.

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Cleaning asphalt might seem like a task easy enough to do on your own but think again. Asphalt is a very porous type of material, which means not only can dirt seep in very easily, but also it can erode quickly and damage the structure of the roof, creating cracks, splints, and leaks. Leave it to us! We have all the tools necessary to clean your asphalt roof without risk to you, your house, or your shingles: you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, and we take care of it all.

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Tile roof might very well be one of the most complex and delicate types of roof to clean. These types of tiles are prone to splinting or cracking. Using improper techniques when cleaning them can end up causing a tremendous amount of damage to your roof. Tile rood cleaning is best left to the professionals. We specialize in tile roof cleaning, and our team uses soft, low-pressure power washing to remove the algae and dirt on the tiles. That, combined with gentle yet powerful cleaning agents, keeps them spotlessly clean for longer without harming the tile or the structure of your roof!

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A metal roof is very sturdy, reliable, and can deal with almost any kind of weather. It should be easy enough to clean on one’s own, shouldn’t it? Nothing is further away from reality! Cleaning a metal roof improperly might break, bend, or create bumps in the material and erode the protective coating of the metal, leaving it vulnerable to rust and the elements. Do not worry, though. We here at Pink Pro Wash take care of it by using state-of-the-art tools and special techniques that protect your roof and leave it spotlessly clean for longer.

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Benefits of our roof cleaning

With many years of experience in the area of cleaning and power washing roofs, we have developed all the skills necessary to do a high-quality, efficient job fast and without risk. We know all the right techniques to avoid any harm to your tiles or the roof’s structure! We power wash your roof through a combination of soft, low-pressure washing and strong yet gentle detergents that remove all the dirt embedded in your tiles without eroding the material. Our roof cleaning services keep your roof looking beautiful and shiny for longer! Additionally, just like we care for your roof’s structural integrity, we also care for the well-being of the environment. All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly so as to protect the environment and prevent unnecessary pollution.

We offer our roof cleaning services to the following locations: Waterford Township, Birmingham, Bloomfield Township, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Troy, & the surrounding area!

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Frequently Asked ROOF CLEANING Questions

Not necessarily. While it is true that improper power washing can be damaging for your roof, when correctly done by a well-trained, experienced professional, pressure washing is one of the best, safest ways to keep your roof clean!

Our highly skilled and experienced workers use a combination of state-of-the-art tools, low-pressure washing, special techniques, and powerful yet gentle cleaners. That way, we can not only keep your roof as clean as possible but also protect the tiles.

That depends on many factors. The material, the last time it was cleaned, what sort of weather your roof has to withstand, and other things all contribute to the frequency at which you’ll need our service. While it is difficult to give an estimate without knowing the specific details of your roof, most experts would agree once a year is a reasonable estimate.

That depends on different details such as how many stories your house has, what kind of weather the roof has to deal with, when the last cleaning job was done, the material it’s made from, and so many other factors. While we cannot give an estimate without knowing the specifics of your home’s roof, so feel free to contact us with more details. Once we know more, we will provide you with a free personalized quote!

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