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Keeping the windows clean in your home can significantly affect how your home looks at feels from the inside and the outside. Windows that are marked by handprints, dust, rainwater droplet stains, and other issues can quickly dull the brightness of a room. Dirty windows are also very noticeable from the outside and can decrease the curb appeal of your home. However, at Pink Pro Wash, we offer the best window cleaning in Bloomfield Township MI. Our services ensure that every one of your windows is gleaming from both sides. We want to help you to fully enjoy your view, make your home stand out, and impress anyone who comes by. Get in touch with us for your free window cleaning quote, and let us take the stress of this job off your hands.

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Unlike other companies with Bloomfield Township MI window cleaning services, we clean the inside of the glass as well as the outside. There’s no point in doing just one side, and we believe you’ll never be able to fully benefit from our service unless both sides of the glass have been cleaned spotless. Therefore, we use a squeegee or water-fed pole depending on the windows’ height, combined with pure water to make your glass sparkle like never before. Our window cleaning will bring the outside world into your home in an instant.

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If window screens get too clogged with dust and other debris, not only do they stop doing their job correctly, but this dust and debris can get spread around your home, lowering the air quality and making a mess. Luckily, our window cleaning services include professional screen cleaning. If you have any screens protecting the windows at your home, rest assured that we will thoroughly wash them. Just like the glass on your windows, your screens will be sparkling clean.

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It’s unfortunate that homeowners often forget about their window tracks. After all, if you let dirt and debris build-up, you can prevent the window from functioning correctly. The build-up of grime in your window track can even create an extra mess in your home. Fortunately, we are called the best window cleaning in Bloomfield Township MI for a reason. There’s no aspect of window washing that we can’t complete to the highest standard. We’ll vacuum and wash out your window tracks to help maintain the window’s peak efficiency and keep everything clean.

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Benefits of our Window Cleaning in Bloomfield Township MI

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get by using our window cleaning in Bloomfield Township MI is the one million dollar insurance policy that our company carries while on the job. It’s essential that you only hire companies covered by their own insurance to keep yourself and your property free from the risk of liability. When you choose Pink Pro Wash, you never have to feel any anxiety over something going wrong or anything getting damaged. Additionally, when you use our window cleaning services, you’ll receive only the highest standard of care with both cleaning and customer relations. We go above and beyond to be professional, trusted, and helpful at all times. Hiring us at Pink Pro Wash is the simplest way to get the window washing task done entirely stress-free. We’re always here to help, and we strive to make the process as easy as possible so you get the kind of service you deserve every time.

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Frequently Asked Bloomfield Township window cleaning Questions

We clean your windows using one of two methods, depending on where the windows are. We use the traditional approach of using potent cleaning agents and a squeegee for maximum desired effect on all first-floor windows. For the harder-to-reach second and third-story windows,  we use a water-fed pole that utilizes pure water for a high-quality finish.

We have the equipment and know-how necessary to safely wash up to three stories high when cleaning the windows. This means that we can cover even large homes and provide the same quality services.

While the choice is ultimately yours, we recommend to a majority of our customers that they have their windows cleaned once every 4-6 weeks. This timeline is an ideal frequency to ensure that you get the best use from your windows.

Due to the fact that our prices are calculated by the size, number, and state of your windows, we require a little bit of information from you in order to accurately price your job. Get in touch with us at Pink Pro Wash, and we’ll immediately get to work on sending you a quote personalized to you that’s no obligation and free of charge.

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